Pastor Dad

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Here are a few quotes that might be particularly helpful to chew on.

“As a father, you must recognize that if your child will be sitting in a classroom for six or eight hours a day, for twelve years, you must know the teachers, their curriculum, and the goal of that education, because you are responsible before God for the cultivation of your child.”

“First, a godly father gives spiritual sustenance to his children. It is dad who should also be reading the Bible with his kids, praying with them, and answering their questions—not just mom, the church Sunday
school teacher, or the youth pastor.”

“A wise dad may realize that a personal quiet time for himself is unwise; rather than hiding away in a quiet place to read the Bible, it is often best to do so in the noisy living room where the kids can see and climb on their dad while he reads his Bible. Also, if dad frequently has his Bible open, his children will be
more likely to ask him questions about God and life because they see that he possesses answers from God’s Word.”

“Every man in the church is supposed to conduct himself as a pastor in his home.”


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