Who Will Be King?

As Christian parents, God has called us to be the primary spiritual shapers and influencers of our children. We have a responsibility to teach them and “train them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). Sometimes, though, we might feel as if we don’t know where to start. We want the gospel to make sense to our children, yet we don’t want to water it down or soften its edges….

Well, Matthias Media, in a desire to make the gospel message clear to a younger audience, has done the Church a great service by adapting its “Two Ways to Live” gospel explanation into a format that uses simpler language, while retaining the essential gospel message. They have called it “Who Will Be King?” You can see an online version of it by going here: Who Will Be King? (The original “adult” version can be viewed here in case you’re interested: Two Ways to Live)

We have put this online presentation under our “Favorite Links” section here at the FLM blog, so you can access it at any time.

We want our children, from the youngest age possible, to start to understand reality in biblical terms. We want them to start hearing the gospel and understanding what we are calling them to–a shift, a repentant heart, a uniting of themselves to Christ, a hope for eternal life in His kingdom. This clear presentation is a great tool to get your children thinking. As you discuss it with them and look at the corresponding passages, you can gauge their level of understanding/belief/conviction and what God might be “up to” in their young hearts.

There is a print version as well that is really handy if you’d ever like to use it…And if you aren’t able to corale your kids to sit around a computer screen with you, you could go “old school” and just get out a pen and paper and draw some of the little diagrams yourself as you talk with them.


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