Male and Female on Purpose

Male and Female On Purpose

Above is a link to some excerpts from a sermon “Who Am I? Humanity in the Eyes of the World and of the Christian,” given by Kevin DeYoung.

This fall, as part of our “Gospel-Centered Families Conference,” we’ll be speaking more in depth on this issue of gender roles, but it’s never too early to think about how you can best reflect God’s image–either as a man, or as a woman….Below, we have included a few quotes for your sampling from the sermon (so, yes, it’s a sample of samples):

“Our world tells us you are a blank slate. Whatever you choose to paint on the canvas of your life will be beautiful because you painted it. That is what the world says…One of the most dangerous areas where we see this self-exploration and self-creation is in the area of gender. In the world’s eyes there is no male/female, masculine/feminine gender. Gender is just cultural, social constructs, antiquated concepts better to be just disregarded, relics of an oppressive, less enlightened past…But I hope you see how patently unbiblical this is….From the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female’” (Mark 10:6).”

DeYoung also says, speaking of Ephesians 5, the following:

“…No, there is a reason that the husband is told to love in this unique way as the head of his household. It is because the male propensity to sin is to either be a dictator or a doormat. And both are abdications of our responsibility to love. And the woman, her overarching command is to submit to her husband or to respect her husband because, twisted by the fall, her point of sinful inclination is to usurp her husband’s authority….God has designed us male and female and it is not simply God’s design as his image bearers, but it is actually the way in which the world works best.…”


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