Children… “Treasuring Christ”

We are excited to announce that starting next Sunday, September 4th, our church will start using the brand-new “Treasuring Christ” curriculum in our Sunday morning classes for children. There are tremendous advantages to using this curriculum–two of which are:

  • 1. It’s Unified: Each week, all children from ages three up through high school seniors will be studying the same biblical themes and content (on differing levels according to age of course). This will go a long way to unifying our discipleship efforts as a congregation. And it will make it far easier for parents to engage their children about what they are learning at church, rather than trying to converse about three different lesson’s topics with three different children.
  • 2. It Empowers Parents: Each week, parents will also receive a “Connecting Church and Home” page–either in print or digital form–that will inform them about the upcoming week’s lesson will, giving them ideas about how to prepare their children for the lesson. This will be a nice complement to the children’s bulletin that we’ve been providing over the last few months; and it will serve as another tool in our parents’ belts to disciple their children effectively…This page will be provided in several different places: a) it will be handed out by teachers when you pick up your child; b) it will be available at the Children’s Check-In area; and c) it will be available for digital download here on the FLM blog.
Our church has a biblical responsibility to make disciples of the next generation. As we seek to accomplish this task, we have a responsibility as a congregation to teach children and teenagers directly (thus we have Sunday morning classes for them). But the primary means of discipleship should always be the teaching and instruction that takes place between parents and their own children (see Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6). They are the primary disciplers. “Treasuring Christ” should serve as a valuable tool to help unite our efforts and equip parents for this highly important task!

You can see a sample of the “Connecting Church and Home” resource by clicking here: CC&H – Lesson 1

Or if you’d like to see the official website for this new curriculum to read about it more in depth, you can click here: Treasuring Christ Online

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Shane McGrath ( or Marc Goodwin (


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  1. I’m soo excited about this new curriculum!

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