Tech-NO Tuesday

We laid down a challenge to our middle and high schoolers for tomorrow (11/22/11). And perhaps you’d be interested in giving it a shot too!

We’re calling it “Tech-NO Tuesday.”

This month, our youth group has looked at the issue of idolatry, focusing on how many things or people we elevate above Christ. Anything or anyone that we love, give more attention to, or care more about, than Jesus is an idol. Many of those things aren’t evil in and of themselves; they are good. But our obsession with them turns them into idols.

And in our youngest generation, technology has produced all sorts of devices that fit that bill. Think of how much time we spend with our cell phones, iPods, televisions, and computers. The amount of time is staggering. Sadly, many of us would miss those items more if they were taken away than we would our Bibles.

So, we’ve laid down a challenge to our students. Tuesday, November 22nd, we are challenging them to go the entire day without using:

  • cell phones
  • iPods (or any variation thereof)
  • computers
  • televisions

Now, many of them will be at school and might be required to use these types of devices. But, so far as it is up to them, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Take one day to “fast” from these things…See if you can do it. And in doing so, see if you don’t feel just how much of a hold they have on your time and attention.

And then remember how valuable Jesus is–how much more worthy He is of our time and attention and love than these silly electronic devices. He died for us. He was raised for us. He’s the Lord of the universe! So let’s be sure we get our priorities right in our lives.

So…don’t try to call or text or Facebook me (Marc) tomorrow, because I probably won’t be getting it.


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I participated in TechNO Tuesday…although, I was a bit more selective in my NOs. Making holiday plans and all made my phone essential! But it was a blessing to be reminded every time I reached for the mouse to take a moment to pray and find other things to do with my time. Thanks for the opportunity!

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