A La Carte (11.29.11)

Here are a few pages you might find funny, insightful, or helpful from around the internet:

7 Financial Principles for Kids | We often fail to teach our children to view economics and finances as a means of honoring Christ.

Sleep vs. Internet: Which Do We Give More Time To? | The use of the internet is steadily consuming more and more of our time…How might your family need to adjust the time dedicated to each of these?

Reading the Bible with the Kids: Even the Hard Bits | When’s the last time you read through Leviticus with your kids? Or how about the imprecatory psalms? What is the value in reading the “hard” parts of Scripture with your family?

Are Unborn Humans “Fetuses” or “Children?” | An excerpt from this article about how the terminology we use can subtly make abortion more–or less–palatable: “It is also a reminder to us not to fall unwittingly into worldly patterns of speech that deny the personhood of the unborn. If life begins at conception, then that thing in mommy’s womb is a ‘child,’ a ‘baby,’ a ‘person.’ How we speak about what it is will determine whether or not we participate in the world’s efforts to cover its evil.”

Tim Hawkins on the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


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