Humility and Your Family

This Sunday night, our youth group will be having their monthly “REview Night” and be taught a lesson called “Humble Pie” from Philippians 2:1-11. These verses address the humility shown by our Savior in His willingness to come to earth as a human being (note: Christmas) and to ultimately die as a sacrifice in our place–and the Father’s exalting of Him as a result.

In preparation for this teaching, I (Marc) looked through my notes from C.J. Mahaney’s book Humility. We carry it in the bookstore here at CCC. And I found some quotes in regards to family that I thought would be worth sharing:

“In counseling, when I meet with a couple experiencing unresolved conflict in their marriage, I sometimes start by asking the husband and wife to identify evidences of grace each has observed in the other’s life. If either of them cannot do this, then I’ve already identified the root problem: One or both are bitter and self-righteous. Their perspective needs adjusting if there’s any hope of resolving the existing conflict…
And what about your children? When’s the ast time you specifically and sincerely informed your child of an evidence of grace that you’ve observed in his or her life? If it’s been longer than a week, it’s been too long. You have some work to do and something to look forward to.
If you aren’t faithful to encourage, you can be sure you will eventually exasperate your child. But if you are faithful, then when the times for necessary correction come–and they will come–the adjustment will be far more effective because the environment you’ve created isn’t correction centered, but grace centered.” (pgs. 106-107)

“If humility is to endure in our families and churches, it must be cultivated by parents and pastors and passed on to our families and churches…
First and foremost, parents are to be an example of greatness (in humility, that is) for their children…
Second, we must also clearly define true greatness or our children. Do your children understand the biblical definition of true greatness as Jesus explains it in Mark 10 and as we see it taught elsewhere in Scripture?…
Third, we must teach our children to discern and admire true greatness. Here’s a…question for your children: ‘Whom do you most admire and why?’ Their answer will tell you a lot…
Here’s a recommendation: If you’re a parent, don’t celebrate anything more than you celebrate godly character in your children. I commend and encourage my son for academic achievement or an athletic award, but we break into real celebration around my house only when there’s a demonstration of humility, servanthood, or godly character…
My final suggestion to parents is to intentionally teach your children to serve–and whenever possible, serve in the church with your child.” (pgs. 156-165)


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