A La Carte (12.19.11)

Here are a few pages you might find funny, insightful, or helpful from around the internet:

Why Writing Xmas is OK It’s not always sacrilegious or anti-Jesus.

Of Kids and Christmas A great article about Christmas craziness and how we as Christians should engage it. Here’s a quote from it, “I certainly support the variety of traditions that people use to celebrate Christmas, but there is one very important part of Christmas that is all too often overlooked, and it applies to everyone. Brace yourselves. . . .Christmas is the ultimate celebration of the material. Because Christmas is the time when God became man. Word to Flesh. Unfettered spirit to the hazards and joys and stresses of physical life. Think about it. Some people want to filter the material out of Christmas and morph it into some pure ethereal spirit religious day. And some people want to filter all the spiritual out of it and make it simply a holiday celebrating the purchasing power of plastic. But the power of Christmas is when spiritual and material meet. And it always has been.”

Did the Baby Jesus Cry? Thought-provoking commentary on the common–and likely mistaken–Christmas lyric, “no crying He makes.”

Taylor University’s Silent Night Game: From my (Marc) alma mater. This game was always one of my favorite traditions each December I was there. It’s been featured on ESPN recently. Silence til Taylor reaches double digits, then an explosion of cheers. 🙂

Sexual Healing: Check out this video of a young man sharing his heart and his story about how God’s rescued him from slavery to his lusts, forgiven him, and given him a message to challenge young people with. Note: it has some “heavy” content to it, but it might be appropriate to share with some of your teenage children.


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