10 Outreach Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids

Sara Royer has put together a great list of ideas for parents, providing 10 great ideas for how you can engage in creative avenues of outreach with your children. Check them out! You can download a printable version HERE.


1. Pray through cards We do this with Christmas cards – keep them on a plate (or basket) in the middle of the table, let a child choose one to pray for at every meal. We ask them what we should pray for, teaching them to pray for spiritual and physical needs. You could do this with their Valentines and birthday cards too.

2. Special deliveries Holidays are a great way to meet your neighbors, if you haven’t already. We made up batches of caramel corn and dropped them off with a Christmas card that shared the Gospel {the church provides these}. The kids loved passing these out. I just had a neighbor tell me again how meaningful that was.

3. Holiday cheer bags A new tradition for us. We put together bags full of oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves along with directions for them to simmer for a stovetop potpourri. We called them “holiday cheer in a bag.” We spent a night driving around delivering them. The kids had so much fun “spreading holiday cheer.” They took turns taking them to the door {and receiving hugs from the grateful recipients}. You could do this for Valentine’s Day for single moms, widows, college students, those going through a difficult time.

4. Take a meal to the homeless shelter Sign-ups are in the lobby to take a meal to those without a home. This fall, we made them caramel apples and could not believe the overwhelming response from guests as to how special that was. It gives our kids an opportunity to see these as individuals rather than some face-less category: “the homeless.” It also has brought fresh gratitude to bedtime prayers, thanking God for a warm home, our family together, and a bed.

5. Voice of the Martyrs parachutes Voice of the Martyrs has a ministry to terrorists in Columbia, where they drop Bibles and radios tuned in to a Christian station sharing the Gospel via parachute. You can purchase the supplies to make these. It comes with a video, or you can watch on youtube: “parachutes deliver hope to the Colombian jungle.”

We explain to our kids that some people who have grown up doing wrong all their lives have no idea that God could love them and has made a way for the forgiveness of their sin through the sacrifice of Jesus. We also spend time praying over the parachutes, that they would fall into the hands of people ready to hear and receive His grace. How awesome to pray that we would stand before His throne one day worshiping with a former terrorist radically changed by His love!

6. Blessing bags We just started putting these together to have on hand for when we see people on the street asking for food or help. Keep them in the car and have gender-specific bags. Items include {in a Ziploc bag}: New Testament,(available for free at CCC) tracks, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, gum, tissues, chapstick, tylenol, granola bars, beef jerky, peanuts, water bottle, Starbucks gift card…

7. Our Father’s House They offer a free lunch, and volunteers are always welcome to help serve. Kids can hand out napkins or meals on a tray. There is something so valuable about teaching our children to smile, greet and serve those who are oftentimes not given the time of day.

8. Missionary care packages We have been praying for our missionaries at meal times.  How special would it be to pack up a shoe box of love and let them know of your care. Ideas include: give your child $5 to spend in the dollar tree for their kids, M&M’s, gum, worship CD’s, kids’ drawings, devotionals, a sermon that spoke to you…

9. Partnering with relief organizations like Compassion {compassion.com}, International Justice Mission {ijm.org}, ICDI {icdinternational.org}, Voice of the Martyrs {persecution.com}. Giving gifts of Compassion at Christmas, selling cookies at a garage and donating the money to IJM to free girls from sex slavery, or a lemonade stand to raise money for children to have clean water, or praying for those who are in prison for their faith {Hebrews 13.4}. Compassion has a great resource for kids, a quarterly magazine called “Explorers.” Voice of the Martyrs has wonderful kids’ videos.

10. Pray, Dream, Go {and pray some more!} – Welcome neighborhood kids in for after-school snacks and a safe place to play – Host a Neighborhood Bible Club in the summer {provide a craft and snack, and coach your kids on how to share their faith, or a 10-minute Bible story to share} – www.kidsonmission.org is awesome {10-15 minute activities/lessons about living on mission} – Visit the nursing home – Invite a lonely international who doesn’t speak English well for tea and games {Connect 4 works well!} – Shovel a neighbor’s snow, pick up their sticks, rake their leaves, brush the snow off their car – Consider foster care and/or adoption, or giving a college student a “home away from home.”


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