A La Carte (1.31.12)

Here are a few pages you might find funny, insightful, or helpful from around the internet:

How To Tell If A Child Is A Believer: Croft suggests five signs to look for: 1)  A growing affection and need for Jesus and the gospel, 2)  A heightened understanding of the truths of Scripture, 3)  An increased kindness and selflessness towards siblings, 4)  A greater awareness and distaste for sin, 5)  A noticeable desire to obey parents.

A Word to Fathers About Their Daughters’ Modesty: From C.J. Mahaney: “Dads, I want to urge you to take responsibility for your daughters’ dress. Fathers are absolutely essential to the cultivation of modesty. When a young lady dresses immodestly, it usually means her father has failed to lead, care for and protect her.  Without a father’s care and protection, she may be daily exposed to the lustful minds of men.”

For Parents Who Have Failed: Simple but powerful reminders that God’s will is what determines the fruitfulness of our efforts at discipling our children. Unbelief in our children doesn’t necessarily mean we failed our duty. And belief in our children definitely doesn’t depend on us.

Spiritual Healing in the Midst of a Husband’s Addiction to Pornography: Tim Challies’ blog provides some good thoughts (via Q&A) on how wives should relate to husands’ addictions to pornography.

Sleight of Hand: Check this out…your kids will be amazed…and so will you!

Sex, Marriage, and Fairy Tales:
A poem (most of which is solid and well said) on how our views of marriage are skewed and how we need to ground our marriages in the gospel.


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