A La Carte (2.7.12)

Here are a few pages you might find funny, insightful, or helpful from around the internet:

Things to Consider Before Using Reproductive Technologies: A lengthy post, but one that provides some helpful considerations for any couple to consider before launching into the realm of reproductive technology (in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, etc.)–a realm which is given far too little ethical consideration (even by Christians).

How Much Is a “Homemaker” Worth? According to a recent study, a stay-at-home wife/mother deserves close to $100,000 per year for all her work…But we know that her value will only be known in eternity.

Broken Homes in the Bible: Thought-provoking article about brokenness in homes–even in biblical times–and how the gospel can transform even the darkest of situations.

The Family Torn Apart: Al Mohler quotes Richard Wolff who make some interesting observations about how the rise of families with both parents working has coincided with a rise in unhappiness, stress, and discontent.

Infographic to Learn the Books of the Bible: From Tim Challies

Sweet Music Video: You gotta check this out!


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