A La Carte (2.21.12)

Here are a few pages you might find funny, insightful, or helpful from around the internet:

Infographic on Jeremy Lin’s Rise to Fame: Apparently Jeremy Lin is a strong and humble follower of Christ too. One can never really know when just observing a life from afar and just hearing bits and pieces of interviews; but it’s still encouraging to see a humble young man succeed and to do so in what seems to be a Christ-honoring way.

Kids of Courage: A cool website, whose mission is to “help parents and educators teach children ages 5 to 13 about persecuted Christians around the world, and provide opportunities for the children to serve and pray for them.”

Baxter’s Challenge to Husbands and Fathers: Challenging words…. “Because the husband is responsible before God for his family and all this included in it, apathy is not an option. An apathetic husband has authority over his family in name and image only. Husbands, do not be marked by a couch and a remote control. Do not lie to yourselves, thinking that your work is done at 5:30 pm. Too many young husbands, today, spend more time on XBox than instructing their families in godliness. Men, if your children relate you with video games more than service and care, then you should repent.”

Where There is a Praying Mother, There is Always Hope: Good commentary on the power of parental prayer.

An Intrusion Into the Christian Bedroom: Sexuality within marriage is not a free-for-all where anything goes. “Our consciences can be sexually reckless. So we aim for a sanctified sexual imagination, which means we are not aiming for the sexuality that we see in our culture. Instead, we find pleasure in exclusivity and openness.”

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle: A short video that reminded me that buying gifts is not nearly as powerful a communicator of love as spending time together and sharing common experiences.

Richard Dawkins Flustered: A video of perhaps the world’s most renowned atheist, Richard Dawkins, being challenged on a radio program and being shown to have some of the same deficiencies that he rails against nominal Christians for having.



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