Practical Parenting (3.1.12)

This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of weekly entries that will provide “practical parenting” tips and advise for the families of CCC as we all seek to disciple our children together. Most of the ideas shared in this weekly post will be from CCC folks; so if you have any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to share, please let us know!

For the first in this series, I wanted to share a simple idea that my wife has come up with as we try to raise our son to grow in his understanding and practice of prayer–even as a young boy.

(Photo of the Farbers)

In our kitchen, my wife has hung a few simple, but nice looking old picture frames. This one, she just put up “empty,” having taken out the glass and the backing that normally were in the frame. Each week, we take a missionary or a missionary family and place their picture in the frame. Since it hangs above our kitchen table, at every meal, we pray for that person or family–that God would keep them bold, encouraged, and fruitful as they tell people about Jesus. The language of our prayers are very simple so he can understand. And he has even started to ask if we can pray for the missionaries before we initiate it!

The benefit of this practice is that our son is learning to pray, to care for those who’ve gone out from our church around the world, to know that the world is bigger than the greater Warsaw area, and that his mom and dad care about the good news of Jesus going to people that haven’t heard it.

You don’t have to do it exactly like this, but would you consider trying to make prayer for missionaries a regular part of your family’s life? You could make a ring of cards. (We have a lot of these by the large global map located in the western hallway of CCC) For those with older kids, you could buy a copy of a book like Operation World and pray country by country…Or maybe you could start with a ring of cards of our pastors, of people in your life group, of friends of your child, etc. There are all sorts of ways you could do this!

So give it a try!



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2 responses to “Practical Parenting (3.1.12)

  1. I noticed these when I visited. I was inspired =)

  2. Thanks for this great idea! Looking forward to reading more of these immediately-applicable parenting tips!

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