Practical Parenting (3.8.12)

This is the second post about “practical parenting,” where we try to provide parents with some hands-on wisdom and ideas about how to disciple their children. Last week, we shared an idea about how to teach your children to pray for missionaries on a regular basis.

This week we want to encourage you to sing with your children. That’s right, sing. And we don’t mean singing oldies in the car or listening to the latest from the Doodlebops! We’re talking about singing songs of praise with your kids.

God is honored by the musical praises of His people. He desires for us to sing to Him. He commands us to sing to Him. When our hearts are filled with joy and thankfulness for the good news of Christ and salvation through Him, how can we help but sing? What a wonderful way to show and express in front of your children how valuable God is to you!

A few ideas for how to make this happen would be:

  • Start small. Maybe try to do this once a week on a given night to introduce the idea to your children. You could make it a special time by letting them pick some of the songs that you sing, especially in the initial attempts.
  • Try to link singing with prayer and/or Scripture-reading together as a family. No need to replicate full-out church services in time or complexity. But in some sense, every home should be a mini-church, where our children are worshiping together with us.
  • Dads, take the lead in this…If you have other family members who are more musically talented than you though, let them lead the singing or play an instrument. It’d be great to teach your children to develop and use their gifts to lead others!
  • You can easily find chord charts by googling songs. And for our church’s more unique songs, you can go to our church’s page called His Fame Ministries to find chords.
  • If no one in your family is musically gifted, you can even use CDs. (Thank God for technology!) We sell some in the Resource Center at CCC, or for free, you could utilize programs like Spotify or Pandora and stream music online.
  • Make sure to sing old songs and new songs.
  • Sing to (or preferably, with) your children at bedtime. Younger children particularly love this!
  • Maybe even for more creative types, you could work on writing a simple tune as a family about a given trait of God, a certain facet of the gospel, or a particular story from Scripture.
  • Finally, teach your children through songs. Talk about lyrics. For older children, challenge them to find the biblical basis of given songs that you sing….Check out places like Seeds Family Worship for an example of teaching Scripture through the vehicle of song.

If you have an idea you’d like to share for “Practical Parenting,” email us at


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