A La Carte (4.3.12)

Here is our weekly A La Carte menu. There’s an Easter/resurrection theme to it.

Is Easter Too Violent for Kids?  A good question, with a simple answer…No. Here’s an excerpt: “Our children need to hear the Gospel. They need to see Jesus. That means they need to see both sides of skull place. That’s graphic, sure. It’s confusing, of course. And not just for kids. But it is the only message that saves. It’s the only message that prepares one for salvation. It is, as Paul says, that which is ‘of first importance,’ the message he received from Jesus Himself (1 Cor 15:3-4). The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is the Gospel. That’s the first word. If we cannot speak of that, we would be better off not speaking of Jesus at all, rather than presenting another Christ, one who meditates but does not mediate, who counsels but is not crucified, who is accessible but not triumphant over sin and death.”

Easter Resources for the Familya post that notes a few books you might find helpful in discussing Easter with your children–if not in time for this year, maybe for years to come? (And who says we can only talk about Easter this week? The resurrection is always relevant and important!)

Ideas for Celebrating Lent & Easter As a FamilySome practical ideas for how you might be able to creatively teach and remind your children about Easter this week.

Short Animated Videos of the Easter Story


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