A La Carte (4.17.12)

This week’s menu from around the Internet includes the following–mostly directed toward husbands and fathers:

Christian Husband’s Only Option: Love Your Wife — “Christian husbands, you don’t have the freedom to ‘fall out of love’ with your wife. There are always contributing factors, but in the end it is this claim that ‘we fell out of love,’ ‘the feeling isn’t there,’ ‘the spark is gone,’ or something similar that is often the stated conclusion for why a couple is divorcing. And more often than not (in my experience) this comes from the husband…”

Workaholism — “Few Christians put this sin in the same category as homosexuality or murder. Yet, workaholism has probably destroyed more souls, especially in Christian homes, and maybe especially in pastors’ and missionaries’ homes, than either of these sins…”

A Helpful Practice to Grow in Gratefulness for Your Spouse — “I have discovered a wonderful antidote when especially young married couples lose sight of the gratefulness all Christians should have in the joy of Christian marriage and instead try to nitpick their spouse with an ungrateful heart. Go visit widows and widowers in your church and ask them about their spouse.  Specifically what they loved about them most and what they miss about them now that they are gone…”

A Challenge for Dads on Your Way Home Today — “There’s a myriad of different ways you might spend (your drive home from work)…, some more profitable than others. You can break the law and text. You can listen to the radio or a podcast. You could continue to work and make phone calls until the very moment your feet cross the threshold of your home. But let me, if I could, challenge you to try something else with your 20 minutes…”

Parent Me — a challenging song by JSon


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