A La Carte (6.5.12)

This week’s menu comes all from the same source: Desiring God. Over the last several months, they’ve been posting numerous blog entries in a series called “Grace at Home.” Many of these posts have been on menus of weeks past, but this week, I had so many piled up, that I wanted to share them all with you:

Desperate, Breathless, Dependent Parenting: “No, brave is not the right word for parents. Dependent is.”

God Made the Maternal Instinct to Magnify Himself: “All of our instinct to suffer, to love, to exercise patience, to endure pain, and to work for the good of our children is a reflection of the image of God.”

The End of Mommy Wars: “Because of the gospel, then, the Mommy Wars have no place among believers. After all, at the heart of the Mommy Wars is pride, … competition, … and self-condemnation.”

A Pregnant Woman’s Defense Against the Schemes of the Devil: Some good counsel for ladies who are carrying a child: “The armor of God comes in maternity sizes. For the next 42-weeks (or less) you have a unique opportunity to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might … even when you’re wearing support hosiery and your center of gravity has shifted to your navel.”

Kids, We Eat Food, Not Crayons, Not Boogers: “Next time I catch one of my kids with a non-food item headed toward their mouth then I want to remember this. By God’s grace, I want to be aware of when I’m mindlessly filling my soul with things that don’t satisfy. Then I want to purposefully engage my heart, mind, soul, and strength in feasting on God’s love revealed in his word.”


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