A La Carte (6.12.12)

This week’s menu is a compilation of random entries that have been posted at the Gospel Coalition’s website over the last numerous weeks. If you have never visited there, it’s worth a regular read/check.

Should We Be Positive About Psychiatric Medicine? I’m not sure how many of your families are currently utilizing or considering utilizing meds like these, but this is a balanced treatment of the issue. An excerpt: “If you feel like a failure because your child is taking psychiatric medication, our guess is that you have worked harder at your parenting than ten other parents combined.”

Word Filled Women: This is an entry by Kathleen Nielson, expressing appreciation for some recent books written by female authors. Thought some of you might be interested in some of the books that are referenced.

What a Comedian Taught Me About Parenting: Kevin DeYoung shares some thoughts that a bit by Brian Regan prompted in his heart: “So why make the five year-old miserable because she likes being five too. Kids are kids. And we’d be better and happier parents with better and happier kids if we allowed that sometimes the joy in their silly, childlike hearts is worth more than the paint on our precious parent-like walls.”

Parental Discipline Without Provocation: This is profound. Kevin DeYoung shares seven principles from Martyn Lloyd-Jones about how to discipline our children. How’s this for the first one: “We are incapable of exercising true discipline unless we are first able to exercise self-control, and discipline our own tempers”

3 Reflections on Leading Your Family Well: This is directed more to pastors, but it’s principles could apply to most fathers…1. The church can get another pastor, but your kids can’t get another dad. 2. The church can get another pastor, but your wife has only one husband–and she needs a good one. 3. A day off is not just a good idea–it’s essential.

Classical School Reading List: Justin Taylor put together a reading list for grades 1-8 that a classical school uses for its students. Thought some of you might be interested in checking it out to get some ideas for your own children.


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