A La Carte (6.19.12)

This week’s menu of articles from around the wonderful thing we refer to as the Internet:

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Dad: In honor of Father’s Day this past Sunday…

1. You are much less patient than you think you are.
2. Many times you’ll have no clue what to do.
3. You’ll realize that minivans are secretly awesome…

Jesus Takes the Insanity Out of Parenting: “To an objective, mostly sane observer, parenting seems like insanity. Same action over and over again. Expecting different results. Why is it not insanity? Because Jesus takes the insanity out of parenting.” How? You’ll have to see what Stephen Altrogge says.

Why We Should Pray FOR Our Children WITH Our Children: “Pray for your children, with your children.  You never know how much your words of pleading with God to save their souls might impact them in the years to come.”

Who’s Happier: Parents or Non-Parents? Research gives what might seem like a surprising answer.

Is Facebook Losing Its Cool? Teenagers seem to be waining in their overall interest in Facebook.


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