D3 Day D3 Video Update

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a bit different from all the rest, because a large part of our day was spent going to Holiday World. It was a blast! We started off our morning with worship through song and teaching, then headed to our breakout “tracts” before grabbing some Chick-fil-a, hopping on some busses, and driving to Santa Claus, IN (seriously, it exists. look it up!) for Holiday World. We rode rides there, enjoyed the free sodas and sunscreen, (some of us) swam in the water park, had a good dinner, and then headed back to Louisville…for a FLAME concert. Side Note: FLAME is one of my favorite rappers.

Several of our people made appearances on the D3 stage last night. You’ll have to watch the video to see how Lauren, Caity, and Caleb Jones all made it up there 🙂

The morning teaching was once again really challenging and helpful. Eric Bancroft taught from the first two chapters of Eccelsiastes, showing students three “routes” that Solomon would have them avoid (pleasure, wisdom/intelligence, and work). As someone who’d had it all, almost literally, and still experienced the vanity of even the greatest of pleasures, intelligences, and achievements, Solomon can speak to us still today about the emptiness of what the world offers…And in light of the further revelation of Scripture, we know that our only true and lasting fulfillment can come through Jesus and a life of love and obedience toward Him.

So here’s a video I made up late last night about Day #3 of D3…Enjoy!


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