A La Carte (7.10.12)

This week’s menu of links:

If Snack Labels Told the Truth: this is a hilarious post loaded with images of common snacks with packaging or labels that tell the true story about the snack.

How to Teach Biblically About Same-Sex Marriage: Some helpful bullet point statements you could use to try to teach your children about this sometimes-complicated subject. They include: Marriage is God’s idea. Sometimes people say “no” to God’s ideas. It’s not mean to disagree. Love means telling the truth. God can forgive and fix what sin breaks. Sometimes the government makes mistakes.

Ten Tips for Going to Church With Your Family: Christine Jensen offers the following tips for parents who are desiring to make involvement in their local church more of a priority. Some are obvious, but good reminders none the less!: 1. Go every Sunday. 2. Go with joy and expectation. 3. Arrive on time. 4. Pray as a family before you arrive. 5. Treat church as an extended family gathering. 6. Stay until the end. 7. Speak well of the church. 8. Receive the word with thankfulness. 9. Look for new people and people with needs. 10. Thank your minister.

Raising Gospel-Centered Children: an honest confession from a parent who had let her well-intended efforts at discipling her children take precedence over the very Person she was trying to disciple them to love.

How to Respond to the Video Game Crisis: “Yes, video games are contributing to our crisis of a pervasive entertainment culture. Much of what we watch, listen to, and play encourages escapism. But the problem isn’t so much with the medium as with the naïve and thoughtless ways we indulge ourselves. Neither blindly chasing “cool” video games nor stubbornly rejecting every new form of entertainment can protect us from our sinful disposition. What we choose to play, we must learn to responsibly engage.”

Battling the Bitterness of Parenting a Disabled Child: Written by a parent of a child with autism, this honest expression of the heart’s struggles in the midst of raising a child with a disability is enlightening for those of us who should be lovingly coming alongside those with disabled children, and hopefully encouraging for those of us who are in the throws of this battle.

Tripp Lee on “Hip Hop and the Fight Against Sin”:

A pretty cool flash mob…”Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”:


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