A La Carte (7.16.12)

This week’s menu of interesting places to visit around the Internet:

When Your Child Isn’t Doing Well in the Lord: Mark Altrogge shares insightful advice for parents who are dealing with defiance, disobedience, and wandering from the Lord in their children’s lives.

My Three Daddies: A new proposal in the state of California prompted this interesting post…The author ends with the question “After all, if it’s good for a child to have a mother and father, shouldn’t it be better when they have two moms and three dads—all with the same legal rights?”

Honoring God in an Unequally Yoked Marriage: Good thoughts from the Gospel Coalition about how a Christian, who is married to a non-Christian, should think of the marriage and operate within it.

Helping a Child Cope With Death: Great thoughts on how to counsel a child about death. His three main ideas:

  • 1. Don’t make up another word or phrase for death when it is time to break the news.
  • 2. Don’t give them an unbiblical picture of reality.
  • 3. Fill them with legitimate hope in Christ.

San Diego Fireworks Fiasco: 15 minutes worth of fireworks went off in about 15 seconds!

Google Chrome’s Multi-Tasking Feature: For those of you who feel like you just can’t get ahead


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