A La Carte (7.24.12)

This week’s menu of links:

Our Father of Fathers: An entry about God’s fatherhood as described in Scripture–and then how we, as earthly fathers, are to follow His lead. The list of biblical qualities of fathers at the end is great: gentleness, compassion, wisdom, instruction, discipline, love, exhortation, encouragement, protection, and provision.

11 Reasons Why Children’s Ministry is Not Second-Rate Ministry: A few of the eleven reasons for you to sample… “When children hear other people who care about them saying the same things they hear their parents saying, the truthfulness of the gospel is reinforced”….”Many of the kids in children’s ministry will be future leaders in the church.”…”It is likely that many of the kids in your church have not yet come to Christ for salvation; so much of what goes on in children’s ministry is evangelism.”

Natural and Cursed: a unique and interesting take on child-birth, from a theological perspective…one mom challenging other future moms to potentially re-think their approach to childbirth. This would be worth a read. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

Husbands, Spend Time With Your Wife: Good challenge from the Desiring God blog…An excerpt: “Marriage isn’t a time for coasting. It’s when we gear up, when we pursue our wives in love, when we seek our joy in their joy… and yes, when we spend time together.”

Keeping Intimate Details Intimate: Tim Challies tackles a subject that is sensitive: frequency of sex in a marriage. And he does so in a gospel-informed way, challenging us to not make such intimate details part of public conversation and being sure to emphasize that the heart issues that lie behind our sexual frequency need to be addressed before “statistical norms” ever are…..An excerpt: “This is not about both husband and wife compromising half way, or about just one of them compromising all the way, but about both husband and wife growing in sacrificial love for one another. Both are dying to self, dying to their own desires, in order to bless and serve the other.”

The Little Boy Who Wanted to be a Girl: Denny Burk brings up a controversial topic: gender re-assignment (or whatever other term might be more appropriate) in children. While a huge percentage of us will never face this issue in its most extreme form, all of us parents will need to teach our children what it means to be a man or to be a woman. Are we ready to answer tough questions and have hard conversations with our sons or daughters, even if it means that we have to push hard against our children’s “natural” tendencies or desires?

How Times Have Changed: I got a kick out of this…


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  1. I appreciated your link to Natural and Cursed. Gracious, have I learned THAT lesson the hard way. I was one of those “childbirth is natural” types, although not to the extreme that I believed nothing ever went wrong. I now firmly have a foot in both camps – natural childbirth is good, medical intervention may be necessary. In the end, who cares as long as its what’s best for mother & baby. The main issue being “what do you believe is best?”

    As someone who can’t have a natural childbirth, I fully understand how fallen that “natural” process is. And I’m grateful someone is writing about this from a scriptural stance. Thanks for sharing!

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