A La Carte (8.7.12)

This week’s menu of links:

Gay Is Not the New Black: An article written several weeks back (before the big Chick-fil-A fiasco recently), that offers some fresh thoughts on the issue of homosexuality. An excerpt: “There is no legal, logical, moral, biblical, or historical reason to support same-sex ‘marriage.'”

You Cannot Improve on God’s Design For the Family: Despite some segments of society’s desire to do so, we can not improve on God’s design.

Teens’ Social Media Lingo Hurts Writing Skills: Idk if this is true but smthg tells me it is. #runonsentences

Adopted: A Past-Tense Verb, Not a Present-Tense Adjective: Good thoughts from one of my favorite seminary professors.

(How Not) To Train Up a Child: Part One and Part Two: A helpful review from Tim Challies of a popular book that some of you might have in your possession.

Loving the God Who Takes Your Child: Powerful.

Warsaw Uprising: a cool short video that shows what our town’s namesake does for one minute each year to honor fallen heroes of the “Warsaw Uprising” of WWII.


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