A La Carte (8.21.12)

This week’s menu of links:

Is it Wrong to Look Forward to Your Kids’ Naptime? Hear one mom’s answer…. “God created us to need rest. We moms are creatures. We have limitations. We get tired and we need rest. That’s the way God has created us to be.  It is one of the ways he reminds us of our dependence upon him.”

Teaching Children to Pray: “Children will most readily learn the ‘art’ of praying by listening to their parents or other adults praying.  It is therefore important for us to be consciously modelling a biblical mode of prayer for our children.”

Sharing the Gospel with the People who Changed Your Diaper: Good thoughts on how to share the gospel with your family and how to pray for God’s work in their hearts.

Pat Robertson vs. the Spirit of Adoption: Thoughts from Russell Moore on recent terrible comments made by Robertson

Trusting Christ Through Trauma: A young man’s thoughts as his mom’s dealing with brain injury and tremendous suffering.

How to Talk with Your Children About Bullying:

Treadmill Fails: If you like home videos of people getting injured, this is for you



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2 responses to “A La Carte (8.21.12)

  1. Thanks for the link to the Goldsworthy quote about praying and kids. Through seeing your a la carte page here, I also found an article I’d missed on TGC’s website – the one on sharing the gospel with those who changed your nappies (as we’d say Down Under in Australia!)

  2. No problem Sandy! We hope that we can keep offering helpful links for everybody. Keep checking back, or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates each time we post 🙂

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