A La Carte (8.28.12)

This week’s menu of links for you….

I Choose Grace! A pastor shares about his response when a registered sex offender moved into his neighborhood…A test of what we really believe about God’s grace.

The Missing Step in Today’s Parenting Path: an article about how parents often fail to have high enough expectations for their children.

We have overwhelmed them with tests, recitals and practices—and kids report being “stressed out” by these activities. But they are virtual. Adults often don’t give work to students that is relevant to life and could actually improve the world if they rose to the challenge. We just don’t expect much of our kids today. Evidently, we assume they’re incapable. So they fill their day with video games, texts and Facebook. And potential goes untapped. One hundred years ago—seventeen year olds were leading armies, working farms, learning a trade as apprentices. Today—this is rare.

Time With Parents Important for Teens: Research shows that it’s not just our youngest children who need time with us.

The Truth About Pain in Childbearing: A mom writes, with some perspective on what she’s reminded of on the first day of school

So on such days of transition, I will steady myself to take those precious photos and send those precious children out. Inhale. Exhale. Push. And it will hurt the way great loss holding hands with great gain tends to do. I may cry for a little while after they go, but I will also give thanks for God’s faithfulness—faithfulness in turning the pain of childbearing from a curse to a means of grace. Only he can do that. He can be trusted, and he alone.

The Harms: A Story of God’s Faithfulness — a powerful story about a family trusting the Lord through great difficulty. They have living young children, one of whom has a rare genetic condition, and their fourth child, a daughter, died on her first birthday, due to a genetic condition that affects only 1 in 3,000,000. Hard to watch; brings tears to my eyes…to think of their great grief, but to see their great faith.

Parent Rap: For a completely different type of video–light-hearted and fun-loving, check this one out.


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