New Quarter for Sunday Morning Classes

Parents, we wanted to let you know that this Sunday will mark the beginning of a new “year” when it comes to your children’s Sunday morning classes. That means a few important things for you:

  • It will be a “Move-Up Sunday,” which means that if your child is of certain ages or grade levels, he/she will move up into the appropriate class. For example, if your child is now in 5th grade, he/she can move up to the 5th and 6th grade class this Sunday.
  • For those with young children, you might prep your child in advance to know that he/she will be in a different classroom with different children.
  • Many of our classes will have new teachers and volunteers in them; so be sure to say hello and encourage the men and women who are investing in your child.

Finally, a new year means a new unit of study. Our curriculum that we use for Sunday mornings (from age 3 through high school) will be starting this week with a study through the book of Genesis called “Back to the Beginning.”

To see how this unit will fit in a broader scope of study, which will take us through the entire canon over the course of four years, you can go to this entry by the publisher: NOTE FROM THE EDITOR

We are excited about this school year beginning and hope that you and your children are able to work through the book of Genesis together over the next several months. Please take advantage of the Parent Pages we send home every week, so that you can prepare your children for the upcoming Sunday’s lesson. You can also access those here at the Family Life blog each week (usually on Mondays) as part of our “Weekly Tools for Parents” posts.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in the Family Life department:

Shane McGrath (
Marc Goodwin (


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