A La Carte (9.12.12)

This week’s menu of links:

Beauty is in the Eye of the Creator: a cool campaign to challenge our typical views of external beauty

Parenting for Recovering Pharisees: a good word for those of us who subtly–or not so subtly–might be teaching our children to try to earn the favor of God

How to Relate to Your In-Laws for the Glory of God and the Good of Your Family: a helpful article about this common struggle. His main exhortations are to: 1) avoid being too reliant, 2) protect your spouse, 3) schedule time together and apart, 4) separate work and home, 5) avoid holiday catastrophes, and 6) pray for your in-laws.

Distracted Walking Endangers Teenagers: and you thought the only danger was them texting-and-driving. How about texting-and-walking?

Worshiping at the Altar of Family: “Churches encourage our husbands daily to not make idols out of their careers, and to not look at porn. But how are we, as wives, encouraging and exhorting one another not to make idols out of perhaps our greatest gifts: our families?”

Top 10 Women’s Blogs: a list from one blogger I follow

Making Wisdom Attractive to Your Children: good advice from Ed Welch…


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