A La Carte (10.3.12)

This week’s menu of links includes the following:

The Brain is More Like a Muscle Than a Shoebox: Great thoughts about the importance of stretching and strengthening children’s minds.

Divorce, Suffering, Grace, and Freedom: Insightful thoughts from a pastor–describing his experience of his parents’ divorce and what it revealed to him about deeper things. Gems like this: “suffering itself does not rob you of joy—idolatry does. If you’re suffering and you’re angry, bitter, and joyless (which I was) it means you’ve idolized whatever it is you’re losing. Joylessness and bitterness in the crucible of pain happens when we lose something that we’ve held onto more tightly than God.”

The Most Important Prayer for Our Kids: “In recent years, the Spirit has effected a complete overhaul in my prayer life. It was the apostle Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians that opened my eyes to see that my prayers for my children were lacking. They were focused on all I wanted God to do in my children’s life to make my life better. They were about me and my comfort. While praying for their health and behavior isn’t wrong, I had lost sight of the most important prayer—for their heart.”

Should Christians Adopt Embryos? A fascinating question…one that previous generations would could never have imagined having to wrestle with.

A Secret for Dads: “Here it is: As soon as your daughter is born, you have to start learning to let go.”

People Are Awesome: a cool video

And For Fun…

Star Wars Infographics


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