A La Carte (10.9.12)

This week’s menu of links include the following:

Presumptuous Parenting: If you only read one of these links, read this one! Great thoughts and reminder for all Christian parents. “Presumptuous parents produce presumptuous children.”

With Age Comes Beauty: A good word to ladies who are aging and are tempted to subtly feel down about themselves, resist the aging process, or neglect their responsibility to teach the next generation….”I don’t believe I can train young women well unless I am content with being an ‘older woman’ and accept the privileges and responsibilities of this stage in my life. If I’m to teach self-control, purity, how to work at home, kindess and submission, they should be well-honed qualities in me.”

American Men Don’t Sing: This is fascinating stuff from Alistair Begg about how American men rarely sing–and how passionate singing in men is a sign of true conversion. “I know when a guy has been converted when he starts to sing.”

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? Good rules of thumb for people (single or married) as they relate to the opposite sex.

A Guide to Kitchen Conversions (and not the spiritual kind): a cool infographic…how many quarts are in a gallon??

Heavenly Identity: a great video that reminds us of our identity when we’ve been united with Jesus!


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