A La Carte (10.16.12)

This week’s links include the following:

Hospitality and the Great Commission: Something your family needs to think about–and work on, if you’re like most families.

What Coffee Drinking Does to Your Body: turns out it’s not all that bad!

A Good Dad is Hard to Find: Helpful thoughts in thinking through how to minister to those who’ve not had godly fatherhood modeled for them.

Let Them Come Home: about how John Piper’s son, Abraham, was excommunicated from his family’s church as a young adult–and how that discipline brought about repentance. It includes a lot of great advice from Abraham for those who still have children who’ve rejected the faith.

Backyards Are Highly Overrated: exposing the myth that backyards are so significant in American families’ lives… “Children averaged fewer than 40 minutes per week in their yards. Adults spent less than 15 minutes of time per week in their yards. These families had sunny Southern California weather. They had nice porch furniture, trampolines, even pools. They just didn’t use them. Many families told researchers that they used their backyards all the time, but then were rarely observed out there in this multiyear study.”

Daily Tips for the Romantically Challenged: self-explanatory

Disability and Dads: good words for fathers of children with disabilities… “I’m speaking especially to fathers here — fathers who fix things. You can’t fix this. Fathers who defend their children — you can’t defend against this. You can’t fight this. It’s like punching the wind. So how do we, as fathers, lead our families and fight for faith on such a desperate battlefield as disability?”

The Coolest Marching Band Performance You’ll Ever See: Courtesy of the Ohio State marching band….If you’ve ever been into video games over the last few decades, it’ll help you appreciate the beauty of the performance.


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