A La Carte (11.2.12)

Can you believe it’s November already? Here are a few links to keep you connected, informed, and learning–to start out the month.

Do Christians Support Aborting Children Conceived by Rape? Our state’s senate race stirred up some heated conversation last week. This commentators offers a quick well-written perspective on the controversy.

The Online Mom: “When I was raising my children there were only my friends and neighbors with whom I was tempted to compare my mothering. Today, with Facebook, Pinterest and the like, we measure ourselves against countless women every day—many of whom we do not know and whose “real” lives are mostly hidden from view. So while we can glean many creative and useful mothering tips online, we can also be tempted to measure ourselves against a virtual standard of motherhood: a perfect, composite mother who doesn’t, in fact, really exist at all.”

Puberty Starting Earlier in U.S. Boys: The title explains the basic gist of this short report.

Teaching Our Children a Healthy View of the Human Body: Not sure that I’d agree with all the thoughts in this article, but it’s food for thought.

Don’t Hide God’s Word From the Little Ones: How a great preacher, Sinclair Ferguson, gave an impromptu sermon, led by the Spirit, about the value and significance of giving God’s Word to children.

Homemaking Help 101: good links

How Homework Kills Kids (at least in one kid’s opinion):

Mister Rogers Infographic (PBS):

Danny Webber Meets Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck: a sweet story about a fellow Hoosier with a dying wish to meet Andrew Luck….But….May we be infinitely more excited to meet the Savior of the Church than this man was to meet the potential savior of an NFL franchise.


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