A La Carte (11.6.12)

This week’s links include the following:

Can I Love My Child Too Much? In a word, yes. Here are some signs you might: 1. You excuse your child’s bad behavior. 2. You can’t bear it when they are angry with your discipline. 3. You try to shield them from mistakes. 4. You struggle to let them go.

A Year of Ridiculous Biblical Interpretation: Some thoughts on a popular book that goes by a similar title that’s recently been published (“A Year of Biblical Interpretation”)…You can read another critique by Doug Wilson in his entry called “Bluestocking Feminism.

Dear Moms, Jesus Wants You to Stop Giving a Rip What People Think About You: Funny entry with a serious message. “The next time you’re tempted to worry what others think about you, remember that you are secure in God, and that’s all that matters.”

Do Men Mother? “Moms are not as good as dads; and dads are not as good as moms. Children need both. God can certainly give all sorts of grace to single parent families, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for the design that nature, Scripture, and even scholarship says is the best.”

On the Life and Death of Our Son: Well-articulated thoughts from a father who’s recently had a still-born son.

Daylight Savings Time Explained: Might help you understand why we have daylight savings time.

Francis Chan: Balance Beam


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