A La Carte (11.13.12)

This week’s menu of links:


How Many Children Should We Have? Tim Challies provides some helpful counsel on this question we all ask. He provides us with some biblical principles to consider and then shares that we have freedom to work this out in our own unique manner.

The Googlization of Bible Study: “Therefore, I am going to intentionally not Google unless I chew first.  I am determined to use Google primarily as a fact-checker instead of a fact-giver.  I want to think on my own.  I want to wrestle with passages of Scripture and not cheat by eating the fruit of somebody else’s labor.”

Girls Guide to Understanding Guys and Porn: In our culture, the problem of lust and pornography is rampant. So it is one that we must deal with in the context of our families and our relationships with others….This is a short, but helpful, article geared toward young ladies to help them sort through how to think about guys’ struggles with lust. It might be helpful or thought-provoking to those in other life stages though, as well.

When Should You Give Your Kids Their Own Phone? Over at Orange Parents, they take a shot at answering this question and come up with the answer to give an inquiring child: “when you’re ready.” I think they’re right.

Toilet Paper Art: Check out this link for more pictures like this…

How You Can Turn Pictures of Your Baby Napping Into Works of Art: click through for more pictures like this one…

Dragon Baby: epic baby battle with a stuffed dragon


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