A La Carte (11.20.12)

This week’s links include:

Google: Teens Primary Tool for Research: You might have already figured this out, but methods of “research” have changed.

When We Sin Against Our Kids: “We can honor God in motherhood failures by humbly confessing our sin and drawing upon God’s grace to grow. What a powerful example of gospel-centered mothering!”

Parenting is Hard for a Reason: “Parenthood is tilling the soil in my heart, weeding out the sins that keep me from growing in faith. Some of the roots run deep and have entangled themselves around my heart. Before having children, I didn’t realize how deeply rooted sins like impatience, selfishness, and irritability grew in the sin-fertilized soil of my heart. It took the challenges of raising children to reveal them to me.

MP3: Parenting and the Grace of God: This was a talk I (Marc) heard at the Sovereign Grace Pastors’ Conference in October. Good thoughts from Bob Kauflin

5 Questions Wives Should Never Ask Their Husband: Some light-hearted humor, with some truth behind it. Here they are: 1) Do you think I am fat? 2) Do you think Susie is attractive? 3) Do you think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, to you? 4) Did you miss me today? 5) If I die, will you marry again?

How a Foster Mom Says Goodbye: “The most common misconception about foster parents is that they have hearts made of steel. I can assure you that this heart is not made of steel. It’s tender and bruised. But I have a God bigger than the hurt. A God who comforts me, heals me, and prepares me to love another child in need. A God who uses my hands and feet to point to Jesus.”

When the Gospel Invades Your Life:  Tim Keller on Faith and Work: self explanatory

Dads: The New Video Game Heroes: When I saw this title, I thought it was going to be satirical; but it’s not. “How interesting would it be if video games, which for so long have been the bane of many a parent’s existence, turn out to be tools that challenge us and cause us to think about the role and impact of fathers in the lives of their wards?”

Stylish Adult Baptism: Don’t think we’ll be showing this in any of our church’s baptism classes any time soon!

How Hot Dogs Are Made: pretty disgusting…We’re not trying to convert anyone to be anti-hot-dog. Just thought this might be interesting to some of you!


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