A La Carte (11.28.12)

Here are this week’s links from around the Web:

Sex As a Commitment Apparatus: Good quote from Tim Keller: “The Bible does not counsel sexual abstinence before marriage because it has such a low view of sex but because it has such a lofty one. The Biblical view implies that sex outside of marriage is not just morally wrong but also personally harmful. If sex is designed to be part of making a covenant and experiencing that covenant’s renewal, then we should think of sex as an emotional ‘commitment apparatus.'”

When Husbands and Wives Walk in Deep Water: “Marriage. The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. The love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good.”

Help, I Feel Like I Am Ruining My Kids: “When you feel like you are ‘ruining’ your child remember: Your ability to ruin your child is not nearly as great as God’s power to redeem her. Thank you Lord!”

Pain and Christian Marriage: “Marriage is hard work and can be painful. And being a Christian couple does not somehow make it easy or take away the prospect of hurt. Whether we are atheists or Christians, we are still sinners living under the same roof and that can make for tight quarters. It is a reality that those we love the most have often caused us the greatest amount of pain and we them. This is just the reality of love and families. The greater our love the greater the possibility there is to hurt one another. While being a Christian couple does not make marriage easy or pain-free, we do have some great advantages that should make it easier and healing.”

A Visual Guide to the Unborn: “Even though the child may not look ‘human’ at the early stages, it’s what a human being looks like at that stage of development – just like the elderly person doesn’t look like he did as a child.  But it shows the consistent development from beginning to birth and illustrates that there’s no differentiation at any point after fertilization that makes it any more human than it is from that intial moment.”

12 Promises Every Parent Should Ask God to Fulfill: “God doesn’t guarantee he will automatically save our children, but gives us many promises to inspire us to pray and believe him to answer.”

Kids Tell, Adults Act: “Blind Date”: A funny video where adults act out a blind date narrated by kids.

The Digital Story of the Nativity: Imagine if Jesus had been born into our current world. This is what it might have looked like 🙂


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