A La Carte (12.4.12)


An Advent Guide for 2012: Something simple you could read with your children each day, leading up to Christmas.

Learning From Lincoln’s Flawed Marriage: “It was a pain-filled marriage. The familiar lines in his face and the somber countenance reveal more than the stress of civil war. But the two stayed married. They kept at least that part of their vows. They embraced the pain, even if they could not (or would not) remove it.”

How Two Presidents Helped Me to Deal with Love, Guilt, and Fatherhood: A great article (albeit long) by a father whose son has Asperger’s.

Idolatry in the Rearview Mirror: “But my middle years have ushered in a new kind of idol — the idol of looking back. I see all the mistakes I made and roads not taken. If only had a been a better parent, not wasted so much time, bought stock in Amazon when it first went public — you name it — then I would be so much better off than I am right now. Looking back at my mistakes, though, can be just as sinful pining away for a hope deferred. It shows that I’m not putting my hope and happiness with Christ and his grace, but in my own circumstances, or at least, what I imagine my circumstances could have been.

10 Ways Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart: Do any of these describe what’s going on in your marriage?

Rice Bowls: A cool way of teaching your children to care for those in need

Practical Ways to Reach Out to Others at Christmas: Some simple suggestions your family might be able to do.

Violence Against Women–the Rage of the Flesh: “Sir, if you abuse your wife or daughter or girlfriend, physically or verbally, you are more than a bully.  You are the enemy of God.   You are usurping his place as Judge.  You tell yourself she needs a little roughing up.  You tell yourself you are doing her a favor.  But you are not a good man.  You are an evil man and unqualified to judge.  You are under God’s judgment.”

O Come All Ye FaithLESS: a new take on an old song

God and Santa: Do We Think of Them the Same?


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