A La Carte (12.12.12)


a DOZEN links in honor of 12.12.12.

1. Sweedish Catalog Goes Gender Neutral: At attempt at mixing up traditional gender roles…There’s not a problem, biblically speaking, with the sheer acts of a little boy ironing or a little girl pretending to shoot a laser gun. But the underlying desire to blur all gender lines does grate against biblical teaching.

2. Top Baby Names of 2012: Did your baby’s name make the list?

3. At Last: “Real photos of grooms seeing their brides for the first time on their wedding day”

4. Like Mother, Like Father: “God’s attention to His children is stronger than that of a mother to her infant child. As a new mother, I can tell you that that might be the highest level of attention imaginable! It’s true: God’s love toward His people is somehow deeper than what I feel for my little one. His care is somehow greater than that which I show to her.”

5. The Family Crisis as a Theological Crisis: “Before anything else, the family crisis is a theological crisis. And a theological crisis is the church’s responsibility. In other words, the first responsibility in addressing the family crisis is ours, and ours alone.”

6. What Does the Victoria’s Secret PINK Collection Say About Us?: “It starts with a conscious effort to ask ourselves hard questions about why we are wearing what we are wearing and what kind of attention we are hoping such choices will bring.”

7. The Injustice of Helpful Parents: Yet More Insanity: “This is the logic of statism, proposing the state as the answer to inequities it cannot possibly resolve, and marginalizing or subverting the family in the process.”

8. Why Aren’t We Calling It the Royal Fetus?: “Could it be that we reserve the terms ‘baby’ and ‘child’ for unborn babies that are wanted and prefer the term ‘fetus’ for unborn babies that are not?”

9. More Gospel Centered Than Thou: a good caution for us

10. Silent Night @ Taylor University: Every year, students pack out the gym dressed in pajamas, and silently await the scoring of Taylor’s tenth point…then bedlam ensues. This is how it happened this year.

11. The Innkeeper: This is an excellent story and video for those who are grieving this Christmas…It’s basically a fictional account of the soon-to-be-crucified-and-raised Jesus visiting the Innkeeper who had housed Him thirty years prior and who’s struggling to understand why God would have allowed Herod to come and kill his children (and his wife) in an attempt to kill the Messiah who was no longer there in Bethlehem.

12. Google’s Zeitgeist 2012: Love watching these each year. They give a 3 minute summary of what people searched for that year–which basically amounts to a video of the goings-on culturally from the previous twelve months. Check it out.


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