A La Carte (12.18.12)


This week’s links for your perusing:

  • Why A Virgin Birth? Have you ever wondered why Jesus needed to be born of a virgin? “If Jesus had been born into the human race naturally, he would have been an object of wrath also.”
  • Believing the Worst of Those Who Love Me Most: Challenging thoughts from Tim Challies as he makes an observation about himself that is probably true of all of us: we often treat our spouses terribly. How are we to understand this reality and fight against it?
  • Gospel Centered Child Training: “As Mom reminds me: Obedience is the gateway to understanding the gospel. An obedient child is a receptive child, a child who is prepared and positioned to receive the good news of the gospel.”
  • How to Guard Sabbath for Your Children: “Children don’t set the calendar in our homes—if they are overscheduled or sleep-deprived, the fault lies with us. How can we better discharge our duty of raising children to seek Sabbath? To value down-time to reconnect with God and family?”

A few links in reference to the tragedy at Newtown last Friday:

  • A Day for Hatred: “Days like today give us no choice but to hate. They leave us only with a choice of where that hatred will land: Will we hate God, or will we hate sin? I choose to hate sin.”
  • Jesus and Violence Against Children: “As we react to the shock and horror of violence against children, we should mediate on Jesus’ love and care for children. But God’s love should do more than just make us feel better—it should lead us to imitate his care for children, take action against evil like this, and pray for God’s peace and salvation to cover the earth.”
  • Christmas and Child Killers: “We can also find comfort in the fact that a day is coming when there will be no more school shootings. A day is coming when the wicked Serpent King, who inspires men to kill young children, will have his head crushed by the King of Kings. What happened yesterday was Satanic. But Satan will not have the final say in this world! Wickedness will not endure forever. Why? Because the Son of God became a small, vulnerable child.”
  • School Shootings and Spiritual Warfare: “Let’s grieve for the innocent. Let’s demand justice for the guilty. And let’s rage against the Reptile behind it all.
    As we do so, let’s remember that Bethlehem was an act of war. Let’s remember that the One born there is a prince of peace who will crush the skull of the ancient murderer of Eden. Let’s pray for the Second Coming of Mary’s son. And, as we sing our Christmas carols, let’s look into the slitted eyes of Satan as we promise him the threat of his coming crushed skull.
    The mystery of evil is a declaration of war on the peace of God’s creation. The war goes on, but not for long. And sometimes the most warlike thing we can say, in an inhuman murderous age like this one, is ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.'”
  • Rachel Weeping for Her Children

You’ll Find Your Way: Song Diary from Andrew Petersen

A light-hearted moment from an NBA game recently, for those who like basketball:


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