A La Carte (1.15.13)


We’re finally back with a wide sampling of pages from around the web that are relevant to family life….

My Daughter’s Beauty: a short article with great thoughts about how to teach our daughters about where true beauty lies.

Two takes on the same issue:

  • Imperishable Beauty (Tim Challies): some advice to a young man who is interested in a young lady but not “attracted” to her physically: “Does physical attractiveness have any function in marriage? Sure it does. It matters. But it matters very, very little in comparison to character. Here’s the rub: If you cannot be attracted to beautiful character, you won’t remain attracted to physical beauty. So should you keep pursuing that godly young woman who just isn’t attractive enough for you? My concern isn’t for you, it’s for her. I wouldn’t advise you to stop pursuing her, but I might advise her to run away from you!”
  • Should You Choose to Be Attracted to Your Potential Spouse (Stephen Altrogge): “A husband and wife should be spiritually compatible AND physically attracted to each other. This doesn’t mean that the man or woman is a supermodel. Beauty is fleeting, and charm is deceitful, which is why we don’t make those things the primary factors in a relationship. But God created us as both spiritual and physical beings. We are not sexless, spiritual beings. God made us to have flesh and blood. He created us to be attracted to the opposite sex.”

Hope for Prodigal Children (Burk Parsons): “My greatest concern, however, is for those parents who are not burdened for the souls of their prodigal children. Because their children were raised in good families with good Christian principles, having been taught the way they should go in life, many parents have concluded that they are just fine despite their prodigal lifestyles and unbelief.”

The Real Biblical Woman Stand Up (Gabrielle Pickle): “I get that it’s just the bookstore’s organization system, but I can’t help but feel that it reflects a significant part of the Christian culture mindset: biblical womanhood is for wives and mothers, while single women should just focus on staying pure and getting married. Ah! It makes me want to stomp my foot and scream in defiance, ‘single women can be biblical too!'”

iPhones, iPads, and Christian Parenting (Russell Moore): “Don’t get me wrong. I think the digital revolution is largely a good thing, and I think children need to be raised up to use technology as a gift for dominion. But there’s too much at stake to turn a child loose, with no boundaries, with a technology that could psychically cripple him or her (and his or her future family), for a lifetime and thereafter.”


Christian Parenting Reminders (Jason Helopoulos): good stuff from the Gospel Coalition blog.

Andrew Peterson’s New Song: “You’ll Find Your Way” — a song to encourage us as parents to tell our children to always “keep to the old roads”

New Film: “I Like Adoption”:


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