A La Carte (1.29.13)


This week’s menu of links from around the web includes:

10 Things to Pray for Your Wife: or you can download a print version HERE

Books for Boys: a pretty good list

“The Pill:” Does It Prevent Conception or Kill Babies? Good article to, at minimum, prime further thinking on the distinguishing of contraception and abortion

Husbands: Get a Part-Time Job — “This is why the illustration of having a second job in the evenings works so well. As husbands we must come home with at least, if not more engagement than we would have at work. Husbands come home to lovingly lead their families. They need to be serving their wives by listening, learning, nourishing, and shepherding them. We can’t do that when we are “recovering” from work or checking out for some much needed “me” time. The job description for a husband entails thoughtful intentionality. We have got to be in the game and doing our job.”

Grandmother by Vocation: “The good Lord assigned two (so far) grandbabies to me, and called me to be their grandmother. I am a grandmother by vocation. Right now, being a vocational grandmother consists mostly of holding, feeding, rocking, pacing, diapering, and playing peekaboo.* These are my grandmotherly duties, but they are more than mere duties. The doctrine of vocation elevates mundane physical tasks by giving them meaning and showing us God’s own presence in them. When I rock my grandbaby, my arms are the arms of God’s providence for her. God clothes the lilies and feeds the birds of the air, and he provides for two little ones through my life.”

Men, Know Your Family: “In this video, Tim talks with Jon Bloom more about how men should know and pray for their families on the deepest levels…”

Parenting as Storytelling: “Books are important because story is important. And story is important because to some degree parenting is storytelling. Parents are called to the glorious labor of narrating God’s sovereign and cosmic drama to our children, to show them we are participating in his story, together, right now.”



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