A La Carte (2.7.13)


This week’s menu of links:

A Week at a Time: Do you know how many weeks you will have, max, with your children? Reggie Joiner does: “Considering the potential of what can happen in a week, let’s spend this next week on Orange Parents thinking about how to simplify the daunting task of 936 weeks of parenting our kids through childhood. What if we started thinking about how to parent just one week at a time?”

Bible Reading Plan for Kids: PDF files, with a simple question tied to a daily passage that young kids could read. Worth checking it out if you’re looking for a systematic way to teach your child to read Scripture.

Glory in the Mundane: “In this 5-minute clip, Christy talks about discovering the glory of God in the mundane of everyday life.”

Host Without Grumbling: “Hospitality is an act of service that helps us share the love of Christ with others. God calls each of us to practice hospitality, whether it comes easy or not. And for those of us who hesitate for one reason or another, it becomes an act of obedience to our Savior who has opened his own home for us through his shed blood on the cross. How can we do any less than open our own hearts and homes to others?”

Be Strong and Courageous: Not a Boy-Man: “I want to suggest that wherever you can as a young man or one involved in any way in training young men, you point them toward manhood, maturity, adulthood, responsibility, ambition, strategy, vision, focus. Yes, it can be fun to be boyish. But you know what’s far more satisfying? Becoming something. Becoming something greater than you are. Becoming a man. Building stuff.”

A Russian Family Who Was Shut-In for 40 Years: This is fascinating if you have time to read it…a family, that for four decades lived in isolation in Siberia…Their children, who were adults when they were found, had never seen a human being other than their immediate family.

Paperman: a cute short film from the folks at Disney (Pixar, more specifically, I think), shared in honor of Valentine’s Day, which is a week away


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