A La Carte (2.26.13)


After a week off with the birth of my daughter, we’re back with this week’s menu of family-related links from around the Internet

Putting Your Spouse First Actually Puts Your Kids First: If you read no other links, read this one… “In the movie Cars, Doc Hudson tells Lightning McQueen when he rides in dirt, he has to turn right to go left. McQueen initially laughs off this brilliant, yet counter-intuitive advice, but when he grasps it, the advice ends up making him a hero. If you prioritize your relationship with your spouse, it will end up giving you the result that you desire: Your kids will feel secure, safe, and in the end, will feel like they are the most important thing in your life.”

Don’t Waste Your Wedding: Just ran across this recently…Seems like a cool site!

Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave the Church: Could have said this much better myself, and many of these thoughts help shape how we function as a church here at CCC.

There is No Cyberspace: Tim Challies shares a few thoughts and quotes that are intriguing…As we lead the next generation in their online interactions, let’s be careful to not pretend like those posts, emails, texts, and tweets are in some other realm of existence called “cyberspace.” They are not. They are real. And we must all take responsibility for how we behave “out there.”

Cute Animals Hatching From Their Eggs: I’m sure many of the ladies out there wish that human childbirth could be so easy and so “cute.”

How Movies Teach Manhood: If you’ve never watched any TED talks, they can be really interesting. Here’s one that you would probably benefit from watching–to help you evaluate what movies are teaching our young people about movies. While we don’t necessarily agree with every point he’s making, it’s worth a listen.



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