A La Carte (3.5.13)


Here are some good links from around the web for this week:

Motherhood for the Rest of Us: “But when I turn away from looking at other people’s lives and look to Christ, I find that I am just where I need to be. Jesus said he didn’t come to save those whose lives are perfect, but those whose lives are a mess. He came for sinners, for those who know things aren’t as they should be. These were the people he dined with, healed, and walked among. He met them right where they were, messes and all.

What Do I Do if My Child is Looking at Pornography? Helpful counsel for this complex situation that most/many parents will have to face at some point

Why Pornography and Masturbation are not Just a Man’s Problem: Good reminder that sin and temptation are not gender-specific

Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture: “How can parents raise children in a pornified culture? Here are eight suggestions for this ever-increasing problem.”

Jesus Dies on the Cross, but not of the Cross: a short quotation, but one that is important for us to remember–and that helps us remember the scope of calvary was much bigger than a man being nailed to a piece of wood and suffocating.

Father’s Speech as He Gives His Daughter Away: this is classic, and there’s much to take away from it. It ends with him saying, “Me and God worked hard…Don’t screw it up.”

Lecrae Explains True Masculinity:


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