A La Carte (3.12.13)


Marriage Can Work!: “I’ve actually had people in counseling say something like, ‘if God came up with the idea of marriage He must be a mean God.’ I would argue though that the problem is not with the idea of marriage but that we aren’t following God’s design. It’s like an architect coming up with beautiful blueprints for a home and then the builder deciding to do whatever he wants.”

How to Miss a Childhood: The Dangers of Paying More Attention to Your Cell Phone Than Your Children: The title says it all….”I can recall a time when you were out with your children you were really with them. You engaged in a back and forth dialog even if they were pre-verbal. You said, Look at the bus, see the doggie, etc. Now I see you on the phone, pushing your kids on the swings while distracted by your devices. You think you are spending time with them but you are not present really. When I see you pick up your kids at day care while youre on the phone, it breaks my heart. They hear your adult conversations. What do they overhear? What is the message they receive? I am not important; I am not important.”

Hotter Than All the 50 Shades in the World: “How God’s design for marital romance provides the ‘tension’ for sustained passion.”

Seven Things to Pray for Your Children: good list from Desiring God

Monogamish: to help you stay culturally aware and be able to evaluate family/social/cultural trends

Warsaw Community School’s Make Up Days Announced: in case you hadn’t heard

Reflections of Motherhood: a cool video of moms giving a “younger version of themselves” advice before entering motherhood


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