A La Carte (3.19.13)


Sex in the Sermon: “Over the past few years, my now 12-year-old daughter has been exposed to some rather uncomfortable subjects. Prostitution, homosexuality, whoring, menstrual cycles, bodily emissions, and rape have all been discussed in her presence. You might wonder what type of parents we are. Do we let her watch too much TV? Allow her to listen to the wrong radio stations? Surf the internet without guidance? Actually my husband and I are fairly strict about the influences we allow into our home. It’s been one particular outside influence that has reached our daughter. We take her to church.”

Free Holy Week eBook of Devotional Thoughts by John Piper: It’s called “Love to the Uttermost” and is available at this link in a variety of downloadable formats.

Teen Dating Violence a Real Concern (Local Story): This might prime some good thoughts for those who have teenage children or soon will.

Marriage and the Single Girl: “”Single girl, training yourself for marriage is really just discipleship: intentionality, service, accountability, submission, repentance, hospitality, and community. If your singleness lasts longer than you’d planned, take heart that you are ultimately becoming more and more like Jesus.”

Toy Stories: a cool photo gallery of kids from all over the world with their toys. Simple, but interesting.

Old Romance: 85 Year Old Married Couple (pictures): cute–even the last one, seen below 🙂

Duck Dynasty Testimony: cool video from one of the stars of this wildly popular television show


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