A La Carte (4.1.13)


This week’s sampling of links around the web that have some bearing on family life:

Bob Valvano on Kevin Ware’s Injury: Moving article written about the terrible injury of a Louisville basketball player that happened Sunday, his team’s response, and what we can be reminded of from it. If your children love sports, this could be good to read with them.

Family Dinners Benefit Teenagers: Research proves what we’ve always thought to be true…Of course, family dinners aren’t a fail-proof way to keep your child on the strait and narrow. But if you’re having meals together, it’s probably an indicator that there are other good habits going on in your family.

Children Should Be Allowed to Get Bored: This is fascinating and much-needed for most of us that are raising children (myself included).

What Happened to Hospitality? A video and transcript from Randy Alcorn. “Look up the word hospitality in a concordance and you’ll find it is something that is talked about in the New Testament. We’re supposed to be hospitable, because it’s characteristic of Christlikeness. Also, it’s something that church leaders are supposed to model by opening up their homes. There are always good things associated with hospitality, including getting families together. (I can’t think of any bad things!) I’m all in favor of it.”

Resources for Raising Girls in our World Today: I don’t know all the sites and publications that she recommends here, but it’s quite the list that might be worth your time to investigate if you have a teenage daughter (or a younger daughter, even).

Two Year Old Bedtime Bandit: cute, but evidence that we are born sinners, huh?! I am sure his dad and mom did not teach him how to do that.


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