A La Carte (4.9.13)


We’re gonna go Golden Corral style this week and just give you a huge sampling of articles/links from around the web that you might wanna visit.

Health Food Heresy: When Eating Healthy Becomes Your God: “Have you ever thought that as you’re eating pesticide-free, chemical-free, dye-free, calorie-free, fat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, or carb-free, you may also be eating Jesus-free? I can nail my calorie intake day in and day out, exercise three to five times a week, and keep of food journal and still be more in bondage than ever before.”

Planned Parenthood, The Killing of Infants, and the Return to Paganism: This article made me sick at some points to read. It is alarming to see where the logic of some people is turning. Then again, it is not surprising. When we cast off belief in a deity who is the creator of life, then we become our own judges and can justify nearly anything.

The Amazing Calling of Being Mom: “Maybe what we need is not to shed our mommy title, rather see the true significance of it.”

5 Ways You Can Teach Your Children About Their Sexual Development: good simple thoughts for parents from the folks at the Resurgence.

The Truth About Parenting Kids in an Unsafe World: “We aren’t really in control…God doesn’t call us to be safe…This is not our forever home…Perception is still perception.”

Social Media: Peer Pressure Gone Viral for Teens: Some good takeaways for parents of teens. Realize the impact that social media is having on your children, and be willing to monitor it and talk to them about it.

Sorting Out the Children’s Bible Market: We don’t necessarily endorse any particular version of the Bible at CCC, but this post might be helpful if you’re trying to find a copy of the Scriptures for your child….No matter what you get though, remember the most important dimension is the involvement of the parent.

Some Creative Face-Painting of Kids: not sure I’d have the patience or the skill to come up with some of these

Watch Me! a great video to watch, so that we remember to live a live of intentional example-setting for those who come behind us


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