A La Carte (4.23.13)


This week’s menu of family-related links from around the web includes:

In Praise of Ordinary Children: a fantastic article every parent should read!

  • I know in my heart of hearts that if my child is a genius who does not love God, who feels no sense of vocation, no purpose to do good in this world, then I will have done her a disservice. A high IQ is not a requirement for serving or loving God. What happens if we see parenthood as the training of souls at least as much as the molding of minds? After all, God is not going to examine our children’s transcripts someday. He is going to examine their hearts—as well as ours.”

Leading Your Child to Christ: This is a long article, but it’s got really good pointers, cautions, and encouragements for all parents who are working to make disciples of their children.

Letter to a Parent Grieving the Loss of a Child: This hits home personally for me and thought I’d share it with you.

  • “May God make your grieving a bittersweet experience of communion with Jesus. Matthew tells us that when Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been beheaded, ‘he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself’ (Matthew 14:13). So he knows what it is to go with you there. We do not have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize. He was tested in every way as we are — including loss.”

Song of Solomon Playlist: Songs of Marital Faithfulness and Family: Daniel Montgomery lists 36 songs–on the heels of his teaching through the Song of Solomon–that might comprise a tasteful playlist stemming from the study of that book. Did your favorite make the cut?

Three Ways the Gospel Changes Marriage: Pastor Larry often talks about the gospel needing to “get traction” in our lives. This short article mentions three very practical ways the gospel should transform marriages: 1) from selfishness to service, 2) from laziness to engagement, and 3) from self-righteousness to humility.

Gospel-Centered Manhood: Three Correctives: These are helpful reminders for us whenever we start to discuss what biblical masculinity looks like (or doesn’t look like). 1) God is the hero of my story; not me. 2) The Holy Spirit grows me in masculinity; not me. 3) I have already received my manhood in Jesus Christ.

“Ask Pastor John” Samples: Some good short interactions from John Piper on family-related issues (like parents’ role in gender development, why wimpy theology makes wimpy women, and strong feminine womanhood)

Recap of our annual Art Gala this past weekend: check it out

Ode to Sleep-Deprived Parents: we don’t endorse every statement or idea in this song, but think you’ll find it humorous.


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