A La Carte (4.30.13)


Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Child’s Imagination: Number one is “begin by rearing your children almost exclusively indoors.”

Ten Statements on Childrearing: Great great wisdom condensed into these ten short statements!

Noah’s Ark…or the Apocalypse for Kids: Some interesting thoughts on a biblical story that can be mistaught in a variety of ways.

The Power of a Parent’s Words: “‘Mom, you are making me feel dumb’ my son said quietly. I drew in a quick breath and exhaled. My heart was pierced by his words. I looked over at my son. He stood there staring at me, the hurt stretched across his young face. I had just repeated an instruction to him for the third time because the first two times he didn’t seem to understand. Yet I didn’t simply restate the instruction, my tone was condescending and belittling.”

A Funny Rant About Contradictory Baby Advice: A sample–“Put the baby in a nursery, bed in your room, in your bed. Cosleeping is the best way to get sleep, except that it can kill your baby, so never, ever do it. If your baby doesn’t die, you will need to bedshare until college.”

When My Children Act Out in Public: “I’m sure my children will continue to do the unexpected, have poor manners, and even act out in public. When I realize that I am angry and embarrassed because desire for affirmation is trying to reign in my heart, I must run straight to Christ. Only in his presence and in the shadow of his grace do the idols in my heart begin to crumble. And when I dwell on Christ’s great love for me, my idols fall from their throne, freeing me to love him as the first thing in my heart.”

Interview with Ronald Davis, a Homeless Man: This would be good to watch with your children to give them a glimpse of a different way of life. His quote, “I’m not a bum; I’m a human being” is worth the four minutes of watching this.

You Are the Moms: A Mother’s Day Rap


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